1. You know exactly what goes into your cannabis product. All our products are lab-tested. The level of THC or CBD in each strain remains consistent with each harvest – whether you bought it last year or last week.
  2. Lowest pot prices in Michigan. Because we grow and produce all of our products we don’t have to deal with any middlemen or mark-ups. From seed to harvest to store every product is under our direct care. This not only helps keep the quality up, it also keeps our costs down and the savings is shared with you.
  3. We have developed our own strains to address common concerns such as helping with anxiety. Sleep disorders, energy levels, etc. Our strains are original to us, you can not find our strains anywhere else.
  4. Sun Provisions budtenders are well-versed in cannabis products and can offer different strains depending on what you are interested in.
  5. We limit the number of strains we offer so that we can control all factors of the growing process to deliver the highest quality product – consistently.
  6. Growing marijuana is both a science and an art. Because Sun Provisions grows all of its own cannabis products our growers pay strict attention to all details. Growers check and record humidity, ph levels of the water and soil, and all other factors daily. All factors that may affect harvest are tracked for consistency to ensure you get the product you expect each and every time.

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