Sun Provisions grows and sells all of its own products in true seed-to-sale fashion.

Decatur, Michigan, February 16, 2021 – Sun Provisions, a woman-owned, boutique-style cannabis shop, achieved MRA’s Recreational Marijuana Microbusiness license in early February. The Village of Decatur is excited to have Sun Provisions and has worked closely with the company to help them meet the required qualifications and regulations to create a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility at 107 W. Delaware Street in downtown Decatur, Michigan.

“We are happy to welcome Sun Provisions to Decatur. With the work undertaken to completely transform an underutilized building to fostering a brand-new industry poised to bring new visitors to our community, we expect a dramatic effect on our local economy that will also drive new customers and opportunities for our existing businesses,” said Matthew Newton, Village Manager of Decatur.

The booming cannabis industry has cultivated a large crop of dispensaries and growing facilities throughout the state. However, a microbusiness must follow a unique business model. This license allows the company to grow up to 150 cannabis plants which can only be sold onsite. Sun Provisions’ uniquely cultivated strains are used to make a full line of cannabis products including flowers, concentrates, edibles and more.

What Doe a Recreational Marijuana Microbusiness License Mean for Buyers?

A microbusiness may neither purchase cannabis products from other commercial growers, nor distribute their own to other dispensaries. This model accentuates their need to comply with MRA regulations and grow excellent cannabis. Sun Provisions just passed state compliance testing with 100% of their first harvest, readying them to open Wednesday, February 17th. The flower strains available for the grand opening include: Girl’s Wedding Cake, Somango, Big Bud, Candy Kush and President OG.

Sun Provisions’ status as a recreational marijuana microbusiness means more unique products at more competitive pricing. It also means jobs. The company is now fully staffed with experienced budtenders and cultivators. As well, the company is committed to engaging in the community and working on a plan to partner a local Food Pantry. Online sales will be available soon!

To learn more about Sun Provisions, its products, and its philosophy, please visit, follow them on social media @sunprovisions or call 269.436.8221.

For more information on the  Decatur, Michigan community please contact:

Matthew Newton, Decatur Village Manager for any additional questions.

Village of Decatur

114 N Phelps ST

Decatur, MI 49045

Phone: (269) 423-6114

Fax: (269) 423-9047

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